Flip Book

Is it possible to create a Flip Book using Blender ? Thanks.

Do you mean like a Flip Book transition effect or are you looking to design a physical book?

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Anything that can help us make and share a FlipBook. Thanks.

It can help you produce the images for the FlipBook (whether 2D or 3D, Blender is very capable), but won’t really help with the “distribution” side - whether it is printed media or shared online (You’ll most likely need another application for that part. :man_shrugging:).

Good luck!

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I have created open book mockups. But I have no idea how make the page ( Plane ) behave in the way it does in a FlipBook.

Considering extension authors have done wonderful things with Blender, I thought there might be an extension somewhere.

PS: I meant sharing it manually, not through Blender. Regret the confusion.

Thanks for the clarity!

Afraid I’m not familiar with the “open book” standard, so would not know how one would achieve a FlipBook transition effect.

If you’re going to print it out then surely it doesn’t matter (as you’ll be doing the “flipping” manually.)
Edit: if you meant you want to share it online, maybe stick to grease-pencil SGV-exports and do the flip-book effect in html5 like here. That’ll keep the share-size down significantly.

Best of luck!

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