Flip Fluids Simulation goes beyond the obstacle object

i’m trying to create an effect where a water bottle instantly builds up with water inside and eventually creates a stream of water exiting from the top of the bottle, like a water fountain. So the opening is much narrower, like water gun narrow.

I made a hollow cylinder using booleans with a narrow opening at the top as the obstacle object.

Then I created a slightly smaller cylinder with an inflow and put it inside the the obstacle cylinder.

Raised the velocity of the inflow to 2.

After baking it, the fluid kind of slingshots out of the obstacle cylinder abut through the wall and not the opening, and crawls back inside slowly.

How could I keep the fluid contained inside the cylinder?

I’ve been dealing with the same problem and solved it by checking some option, don’t remember exactly what is was, but here’s the tutorial with good explanation:

You probably need to select your cylinder and add those settings in there

Did you flip the normals of the inside faces?
Because you used booleans to make the cylinder the inside faces were made pointing ‘outward’, not towards the center like they should.