Flip fluids

I see flip fluids is 25% off at the moment, do we still need addons like this with mantaflow or are they doing different things?? is it worth buying?

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Hi, we have a topic on the differences between the FLIP Fluids addon and Mantaflow here: https://github.com/rlguy/Blender-FLIP-Fluids/wiki/Frequently-Asked-Questions#what-is-the-difference-between-blenders-mantaflow-fluid-simulator-and-the-flip-fluids-addon

Hallo everybody,
I am starting with FLIP Fluids and I meet an issue following the Intro tutorial in YT official Flip Fluid Playlist:


In my scene, I can see any animated/simulated water, even if I did the “first baking” of the Rigid Body simulation and then, after setting up all meshes as Obstacles in Flip Fluid, and the “second baking” of the Flip Fluid Domain.
I attach the simple, if it needs:
FLIP_fluid_simulation_06.blend (1.4 MB)

Please help!

Okay, I solved the problem thanks to a suggestion from zerokelvin1 (reddit); I changed the ‘Water’ object from Obstacle to Fluid.
But now there is another problem…, because the starting tuts on the official Youtube channel are just little outdated.
For example I can find any “More bake Setting” in the last Flip Fluid realize (Ver 1.1.0)

Please help