Flip L/R vertex group name button for Mirror modifier?

I have a complete character bone width boneName_L and boneName_R and a half mesh width Mirror modifier, I setup rigging only for _L side, but when testing the rigging result the other side is moving too, would be good a Flip L/R name button for Mirror modifier for testing separately the other side and after apply the modifier this flipped vertex group name became real…but until… Can i flipped the duplicated half mesh vertex group name from _L to _R like for bones?

That would definitely be a nice feature .

But for now you can use the “mirror bone weight” python script from Thomas “Kakapo” Oppl (huge thanks to him for this script , which is a BIG time saver).

I don’t remenber where i downloaded it , so here it is :


Note : vertex group name must ended with “.L” or “.R”

Peace :spin:

thanks, :slight_smile:

i found this script in edit mode in Mesh - Script menu and it works.