Flip/Mirror a stencil in texture paint?

Hey all,

Is it possible, and might someone explain, if, when painting with an alpha/stencil in Texture Paint mode, if I can flip/mirror a stencil horizontally or vertically?

I am NOT looking to mirror paint from one side of a mesh to another. But, rather, in the same way I can move, rotate, and scale my stencil, flip it horizontally and vertically. It would be really nice to do this with a keyboard shortcut rather than flipping it in gimp and having to create an entirely new image.


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Set the size value to -1 for the appropriate axis
(x = -1 flips the texture horizontally)


Thank you so much, Richard. I can’t believe I didn’t think of that! Take care.

still useful in 2.8
thank you :smiley:

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yeah thank you.
it’s still working with 2.92 :+1: