flip normal visual cue

Regarding flip normal i cannot find a way to make the face selection change color when flipping normal this would be handy since exporting to unity often lead to flip normal and in blender when you flip normal you have no visual cue when you flip them.

So to troubleshoot bad geometry or to find out which face have flip normals is very difficult.

Maybe there is a way but so far i found nothing in the 3d view theme color for flip normal.

Thank for any help

You can turn on/off the face/edge normal display in the properties panel (shortcut N) in the Mesh Display settings when in edit mode

Hi Richard,

Yes i know we can show normal in viewport but if you ever work in other 3d app like 3ds max when you flip a normal you have an instant visual cue that tell you they are flip with a darker shade without having to activate normal blue line display mode.

I was just wondering if there was a kind of equivalent to this in blender.

But thank anyway for the quick reply.

You could also use backface culling option which is in display section of the properties panel.

Thank for helping but backface culling is not related to visual cue on flip normal, when in this mode using flip normal doesn’t change the appearance of your face.

But i know that we have to be very careful when asking question since term in cross software mean a complete different thing.

I think the only way to work is by extra clicking to get the normal blue line appear, but i was just trying to save extra click since i had RSI last year.

I don’t know what happen but now my undo don’t work anymore on object level but it is working in edit mode!

Technically it is a visual cue on face flipping when you are using back face culling, if you can see through the face then you know it flipped the wrong way, you just have to press z to toggle display of your mesh. This was something that was missing from Blender for a while and I’m glad it is here now. I know what you are saying about the presentation of selection color though, and there is when using back face culling. When a face is facing away from you there is no internal coloration of the polygon, when you flip it back towards you there is.

You’ve probably disabled “Global Undo” in User Preferences.

Thank ajm i was not seeing it because of color change i made in theme.

Thank Stan i just figure it out shortly after going to the user preferences but i swear i don’t remember to have click it but maybe i did inadvertently.