Flip pose not working

I’m using Blender 2.49b and have been following Ryan Dale’s Introduction to Character Animation. I have built the model, skinned it and rigged it. I am now trying to animate it. I have set up the initial, strike, pose, but when I try to flip this pose it doesn’t work, as you will see from the attached file. Also, if I try to Flip L/R Names fro the Pose menu the system adds “.001” to some of the flipped .l bones.

What am I doing wrong?


AnimTut286.blend (379 KB)

How did you name the bones?

If the system is adding .001 to a name, that means the name already exists, so there is something wrong somewhere in the bone names. I didn’t notice anything wrong with the bone names, but I didn’t check them all.

Now, for the flipping pose part, yes, it is working, it’s just not working right. To solve this, please re-read the tutorial…especially this part:

If pasting the flipped pose does not work . . .

  1. If that doesn’t do the trick, it’s time to check bone roll angles.
  • In the armature’s Edit mode, press N to show the Transform Properties panel. #*With a bone selected, there should be a number field for Roll. This number should be zero. If it’s not, type in a zero. Sometimes an IK constraint will cause this number to be something like 0.001, even after you type in a zero, but that’s close enough.
  • Now try pasting a flipped pose.

Check the leg.r/l bones…