Flip the angry rabbit- New webseries in the make

Hello. Introducing my work.

I’m new to the 3d art so bear with me.


My first work. I’m proud of it actually.(as bad as it is) Going to use all the lessons learned from making that into making the show.

Still can’t get figure out the texture painting, I’ll figure it out as I go.

The goal is to make a comedy webseries on youtube. And expand other places, like game as time goes by.

For some odd reason when I try to download the motion capture this pops up.


Anyways. Tomorrow I start again with a slightly different design. This one was meant to be like ps1 game modeling. The next I’ll try to get more of a capcom character feel to it.

Worked on a new mesh for about two hours. Still not pretty by any means. But It’ll do for now


restarted on the model. tried a little simpler. Now to smooth it and add fur.