FlipFluids Simulation issue! Please help!

Hi all. We’re having issues with FlipFluid sticking to an animated (Rokoko) character. No matter how many sims I run, the fluid will not stick to the character. For a little context, we’re throwing hop soup onto the character, who immediately recoils in pain and turns. the ‘soup’ hits him, and immediately comes away. I’ve tested the sim on stationary meshes, and it works fine, same friction amount, same viscosity to fluids etc. I’m guessing that FlipFluids just can’t adhere to relatively quick moving meshes. Does anyone with some expertise here have any suggestions? This is for an upcoming feature film, so we really need to nail this. Any help would be much appreciated.

Kind regards


I have not used flipfluids but generally with a fast-moving object you need more steps for sec. You have probably tested it and its sounds more like the simulation has problems with animated meshes, maybe there is a special option for that?

I would also ask the creators since they can help you the best and rule out any bugs.

Thanks for your reply, much appreciated.