Flipped normals not rendering black anyone know how to make this work in 2.8?

Hey, i have a simple but annoying problem, for some reason in my version of 2.8 backface normals dont render dark anymore which is costing me a lot of time. I’ve looked around and i could’ve missed it but how do i turn that feature on to spare my sanity?

This is fairly handy for spotting flipped normals

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Thanks John this is handy, i have show face normals mapped to my quick faves which provides a simlar function. I like the old system it showed you without making you forage through menus.


I find the red/blue overlay more handy now as it can be turned on or off even in Object mode (although it has to be added to quick favourites in each mode to use it that way)

Haha fair enough. It’s hard please everyone lol. Perhaps an option for both methods would be a good compromise.

If you mean that now in Solid shading you don’t see any difference between faces with flipped or straight normals’ orientation then this is now intentional and very likely won’t change from now on.
It is my understanding as well that these “grey” faces were more useful as they provided user with quick way to preview faces orientation. It didn’t hurt to see those but at the same time one could quickly realize what’s the matter with the mesh.

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where do you find the flip normal now in edit mode?

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Totally agree i’ve been caught out a lot times recently becuase of this.

Three ways i guess. Alt + N flip normal (selected faces), Shift + N make normals consistent, ctrr shift + n make normals consistent inside. You could use the menus but thats a long way of going about it imo.

Blender recently changed the default 2,8 keymap so that Alt + N is used for the custom normals menu popup rather than flip normals. The other shortcuts remain as described above. You can of course change the keymap in your preferences if you use flip normals a lot.

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when modelling flipping Normals is something normal LOL

there has to be a better way to do it quickly !

it would be nice to add a button at top in edit mode for doing that
quickly or keep same short cut key as in 2.79
then find another one for the custom normals which are not use that often

may be associated with the visual faces showing flip normal viewport overlays
and be able to quickly flip the right one
and also the Face menu does not have flip Normals as in 2.79
it is found in the mesh menu !

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