Flipping a duplicate around the cursor - Manual "Your 1st animation part I"

I am following along with the manual “Your first animation part I”. I got to the section “Eyes and Details” where I have some challenges following this instruction and I dont know how to make this work. Please help. Thanks

Here is the instruction.

  • Switch to Edit Mode (Tab). Select the crosshair pivot button (pivot: 3D Cursor)in the header of the 3D window (the 3D Transforms Manipulator jumps from the sphere to the cursor). All vertices of the eye should be selected (if not, press A to select all), now press ShiftD or use Duplicate in the Tool Shelf to duplicate and Esc to stop placing the copy with the mouse.

  • Press CtrlM to mirror, X to mirror around the X axis, followed by LMB or Enter to confirm the mirror. Return the pivot button to its default setting ( Median Point). The result can be seen in picture 6 of Creation of the eyes.

Blender 2.49 or 2.5x?

I think it’s the same in both - Shift C to center cursor and view all (or in menu View > Align view > Center cursor and …) or Shift S > Center cursor

Haven’t seen the tutorial but what you are doing is flipping the verts to the other side of the pivot point, which is the 3D cursor (wherever it may be) when you have pivot point set to 3D cursor instead of median point (which is the center of all the vertices you have selected).

Hope that helps.

Ctrl M does not seem to do anything. I had my 3d cursor set alright. But I can’t mirror or flip the duplicated vertices to the other side.

So I experiment and did not use Ctrl M but rather press Object/Mirror/X Global and it works.

Sorry I had no time earlier and had only a quick look before I posted.

Ctrl M and then you press x. That should have done it.

There’s another way using scale: Key S > X > -1.


Ctrl-m is waiting for an additional keystroke. However a message will pop up in the footer area of the 3D-window, stating “Select a mirror axis(X,Y,Z)” After you press one of the given alternatives the window footer will switch back to its normal menu appearance .