flipping actions

I have some actions that look good scrubbing forward from e.g 1-30 and backward 30-1 is there a relatively easy method or script that can flip actions

I don’t have access to blender at the moment, but I think this should work: In either the action editor or the NLA editor select all the keys, dupicate them, and then scale them down until they flip.

Interesting idea, you had me curious … but it doesn’t work :smiley:

Scaling only goes down to 0.00 in the NLA editor.

There is a thread around about reversing actions, apparently it was possilbe in older versions of Blender (2.37 ?)


Bummer. Well it could definately be done with python then.

If only I knew python, doing it by hand can be tedious and error proned, but if there is no script I guess thats what I’ll have to do

You could put a Time IPO on the Armature to reverse it but then you can’t use an NLA Strip.


I would be lazy and just select the key at 1, duplicate it, and slide it over to 60. the curves ‘stick’ to 30 as their other end and everything smooths out as you slide, creating a very simple flip. for the hotkey crowd, in the IPO window: right-click, n, shiftD, click, shift click into X field in the info box, enter 60.

duplicate and move also works with NLA node thingys

As there is a need for this, I can easily add this for the action editor in cvs. Stay-tuned for updates :slight_smile:


Done. Now in cvs. :slight_smile:



Hmm, that only seems to work if you have two “columns” of keys, i.e. a starting and ending set of columns. If you have multiple columns it doesn’t work (for me anyway).


Hmm, interesting, not sure what I’d use it for, but thanks for the new “toy” :slight_smile:

Now if you want a real challenge … there was a thread awhile ago discussing why the IPO window shows Quaternion curves, and the basically meaningless values in the Y axis (to most of us) instead of Euler angles. Internally … from what I’ve read, yes Blender should use Quat calculations, but those details should be hidden from the user. Is this something you might be able to figure out … be interested in doing ?

Maya, XSI, Houdini and Max all show “user friendly” angles in their graph editors :slight_smile:


thanks alot, now to wait for a cvs build, is there one already or should I wait a day or two

but would it export to game format in the requirred condition, just curious

This is a windows build, has the new “flip” (mirror keys) feature in it.

Other OS’s might be available on graphicall.org


thanks appreciated

finally got to check it out works like a charm, didn’t expect the displacement, will have to be cautious when I copy keys for retraction/reversals but hitting the A key or B key for shifting keyframe blocks is a whole hell of alot more inviting than arranging scores of columns one by one.

thanks again Aligorith

On page 256 of the Blender Guide it tells how to play an action backward. It says to hit the Nkey to bring up the Action options box. In the Action Start/Action End options, “the end may be less than the start which will cause the Action to play backwards.”

Hope this helps.Steve S.

That doesn’t work with versions newer than 2.37 (which I believe is the version that is covered in that book).