Flipping bones doesn't work?


When I found out that there is a possibility to import a MMD model into Blender and make an animation here, I got stucked. I am a begginer and wanted to try a simple animation of walking. I was folowing some video tutorial on YT step by step but when it got in the point you have to flip the position of your bones to the other half of your model body, it just keeps messing up. The bones are in really wierd ankles and are right the opposite way they should. Somewhere I found that the issue might be wrong named bones but since this is a MMD model (right from MMD program) the character should be rigged and the bones named just right.

Here is a picture what it does when I copy the position of the bones (ctrl+c) and try to apply it on the other ones (shift+ctrl+v):

Any suggestions?

Hey, You are doing that in ‘Pose’ mode - you should be doing that in ‘Edit’ mode, then you mirror them across the 3D cursor.

Well, yes. In every video they animate some motion they do this in ‘Pose’ mode. How should I be able to do that in ‘Edit’ mode? Even if I tried to do that in ‘Edit’ mode it does just the same thing :confused: I tried to do a walk and it works for legs but arms becomes twisted in that weird ankle.

I’m sorry for that, I thought you were building the rig. You are just trying to paste a flipped pose - your naming (Bones) has to end in .R or .L


Wayne Dixon (waylow) on Dec 27, 2017

Here’s a quick explanation of what blender does when copying and pasting poses (you might already know this but this is for the benefit of other people reading this question)

If a bone has a “.L” suffix and you copy to the buffer and then paste mirrored . It will attempt to find the “.R” bone and flip the relevant channels and paste it to that bone.

It will mirror across the X axis according to the bones parent. (if the armature is not symmetrical when it is built this can paste weirdly)

If the bone doesn’t have a “.L” suffix or it can’t find the “.R” version in the rig it will flip the relevant channels and paste the mirrored pose to the same bone. This is relative to the bones parent.

If you do a normal paste ( not mirrored ) it will always paste to the same bone (this is useful when copying one pose to a different frame)

What about multiple bones at once?

Once something is copied to the buffer, Blender doesn’t care what you have selected or if any bones are hidden. If you hit paste or mirrored paste it will apply the pose (or mirrored pose) to the relevant bones.