flipping bones

I have a set of bones modelled for the left side of a character and I have named them all with a .L ending. Is it possible to mirror the bones so that the right side gets the bones named .R? When I use shift-d then mirror, all the new bones just have a .001 added after the name. Is there maybe a script to do it?

in current bf-build there is a script called “batch object name edit”… currently trying it… ok, wokrs perfectly for objects, but not for bones (only armatures in object mode, which makes it pretty useless for that task) maybe someone will update that? would be extremely useful, indeed.


Another thing I’d like is to be able to select bones in editmode the way you can in posemode. I find that because the endpoints overlap, separate bones are difficult to select.

again, fully agree. could be the same hack as with selecting edges (CTRL+Rightclick).

No, ctrl-right-click doesn’t work. It doesn’t work for edges with me either - maybe it’s only in certain versions.

BTW, I’m having another problem with skinning. I modelled my character first in the classic T-pose. Then I added the armature. Now, in editmode, if I added the bones in the same pose, they don’t bend properly because with IKs you have to bend them slightly in the direction you want them to move.

So, I posed or set out my armature differently from my model in editmode. Then I go to posemode and I move the IKs so the armature aligns properly with my model. However, when I skin the model, it all messes up because it seems to be binding according to the layout of the armature in editmode instead of posemode.

Surely I don’t have to model my character so that it aligns with the bones in editmode do I?

sorry - it’s CTRL+ALT+Rightclick.

…yes i think so… and i always do so.

sorry - it’s CTRL+ALT+Rightclick.[/quote]

Ah, it works for edges but not the bones. Still, that’ll come in handy, thanks.

Surely I don’t have to model my character so that it aligns with the bones in editmode do I?

…yes i think so… and i always do so.[/quote]

Hmmm, I’m not sure if that’s better than what I’m used to or not. In Maya, you set up the skeleton with IKs, pose the skeleton and then bind it to the model. However, if the IKs are wrong, you have to unbind, remove the IKs, change the bone structure and set up the IKs again.

In Blender, you don’t have to remove the IKs but you do have to modify the geometry. I personally think it’s easier the way Maya does it because if I was to try and make an arm exactly 4 units long but my arm bone had to be at an angle to make the IKs right, it would be tricky. Having said that, the Maya method is more time consuming.

I would have thought it would be more practical to bind the model with the posemode pose. This gets the best of both worlds because if the IKs are wrong, you neither have to setup IKs again nor modify the original geometry.

You can select bones in edit mode with Shft-RMB (but you have to select both ends) or BoxSelect.


I know, but I find it kinda difficult to select a particular bone when there are say 3 bones that meet at the same point like at an IK handle.