Flipping dublicate problem - Beginner question

I’m currently reading the Blender manual, which can be found at:

There is part in the manual were you have to create a gingerbread man. First you have to create the first half of the body, dublicate it and then flip it over to the other side. My problem i that I can’t make the dublicate flip to the other side. I have followed the manual but it just won’t flip. So I’m wondering what I have to do to make the dublicate flip?

This is how the flipping part is explained i the manual:

Now it is time to create the other half of Gus, select all vertices (AKEY) and press the 3DWindow toolbar button which resembes a cross-hair (Figure 4-13). Now, leave the mouse still. Press SHIFT-D to duplicate all selected vertices, edges and faces, SKEY to switch to “Scale” mode, then XKEY followed by either ENTER or a LMB click to flip the duplicate. The result is shown in Figure 4-14.

Thanks in advance!

hm, a bit outdated… mirroring can be done either way:

  • in edit mode: select vertices, press ALT+M
  • in Object mode, select object and press CTRL+M

find out which axis works for you


Switch to front view, Gus should be facing you. Select all vertices, press Shift+D. Don’t move the mouse, immediately after duplicating, press Esc. Then press the M-key, and X-Global. Don’t forget to Remove doubles as is explained in the tutorial.
The M-key is the new mirroring function since 2.30.

Now it works! Blender Foundation should update the manual… anyways, thanks for the help both of you!

It is updated, you just didn’t download the updated version which would be BlenderManualIen and BlenderManualIIen in HTML or PDF format. The other one should really be removed.