?: Flipping duplicates.

Probably the most common practice among users, yet I can’t find any hints to making it work.
The one post I found only repeated what I was already doing.

I am of course asking about completing a symetrical model by building half (including rigging) and making a reversed duplicate.

Now surely someone has a repeatable, general purpose technique that’s easier than building both sides from scratch.

Never mind what I’ve tried - How do you do it?

Create half of your model. Create a linked duplicate with Object->Duplicate Linked (Alt D). This is not a normal duplicate (Shift D) - it is linked to the original mesh so that anything you do to the original mesh is updated on the linked mesh. You can then mirror your second object using Object->Mirror (Ctrl M). It may turn black - this will be fixed in 2.34. You can work around it for now, by turning off ‘Double Sided’.

AFAIK, this isn’t possible with an armature.

I should mention that I’m using 2.28c. (No Ctl-M, Just S then X)

Thanks for that, but linked duplicates isn’t my current issue … Although it may become one if I have to build both sides simultaneously because I can’t make working copies.

My problem appears to be about co-ordinating axes.

E.G. When I mirror a leg (complete with armatures) it is also rotated 180deg around one the joints in object mode.

I have just succeeded in correcting this case by hand, but it may not be truly identical, and not only would I not want to do it every time, but I’m sure a complex rig would get tangled in the process.

[EDIT: Ack! Almost fixed. Now I have one of those object dots in a stupid place, stuffing up any further plans with it. Getting those to behave may have to be my next question.]

You can change the position of the dots by using the ‘centre’ ‘centre new’ and ‘centre cursor’ - easy to experiment than for me to describe :). keep in mind Snap comes in useful here - you can snap the cursor to an object’s centre, then move a second object’s centre to the same point using centre cursor.

I use snap a lot.
The dot I mean however, is the object’s position. To move it into the right place only moves the conspicuously object-like part into the wrong place.
Even if it’s corrected in edit mode, it will go back to being wrong in object mode.

If my main question gets answered, I may not encounter this as often.

I don’t understand - with ‘centre cursor’, I can move the dot wherever I want it, without changing the position of the object data itself.

Sorry. It’s me who didn’t understand.
The object I’m having trouble with right now is an armature, so those buttons aren’t available in this case. I forgot they existed.
I’ll just have to figure out how I managed to move the data away from the dot in the first place and try to reverse it.

Time to reinstate the original question

Or do you?
If you’ve given up on the obvious approach and decided to do it the hard way, I’d like to know about that too.