Flipping meat over with tongs

I need help on how to go about flipping a soft body piece of meat over with some tongs. Attached is the .blend. You will see what I mean. Any suggestions?

M. Lightning


meat_textured.blend (1.21 MB)

Usually what I do is to parent the tongs to the object they’re supposed to be gripping and moving. Some amount of keyframing is usually necessary on both objects. Even though in real life the tongs are driving the motion of what they’re gripping, in the CG setup the meat would be flying through the air, taking the tongs with it. A nice, tight close-up angle works well.

Also … I’ve learned, the hard way, to do OpenGL preview renders and to “edit before shooting,” because most of the time I’m cutting in-between the start of the action (the meat starts to lift) and the end (the meat hits the grill again with a sizzling crackle), omitting many frames in the middle, which I therefore never actually render. (It’s also a great place to change the camera point-of-view.)

The reason why I mention this is that, this might be where you have the soft-body magic in mind. Well, try it … maybe you don’t need it. Determine if the show actually can’t live without it. Betcha it can.