Flipping normals on import


I’m working on a Revolt import script and am having problems with the normals.

They are all coming in flipped the wrong way.

nx, ny and nz, contain the float values for the norms.

Newmesh.verts[j].no[0] = nx
Newmesh.verts[j].no[1] = ny
Newmesh.verts[j].no[2] = nz

I’ve tried multiplying by -1 ( = nx * -1 etc) with no effect.

Any suggestions on how to automatically flip the norms (a python equivalent of the flip norm button)? :-?

Cheers Stephen

I’d bet (but I’m not sure) that you must invert the vertices in each face.

If face 1 has vertices 1,2,3 you must change to 1,3,2

If it is a quad change 1,2,3,4 to 1,4,3,2