flipping track to direction

hi there, im working on a game called “The cure”(more info here http://blenderartists.org/forum/show…php?t=143246))
ive got a problem, the zombie ai are Track to ones, and the track to actuator makes them walk backward, like moonwalking.
how do i do to change the direction from +y track to to -y track to?

Tab into edit mode on the zombie, select all the vertices then rotate 180 around the z axis, that should put them in the right direction.

You may also need to rotate the armature 180 around the z axis in edit mode.

If this still doesn’t work you may have to open up the action editor and remove the z rotation on the main bone.

Hope that one of those solutions work because as far as I know you can’t actually change the track to direction.

o, ill try that thing on the main bone.
the other you told me does not work… it only messes things up…