OK… I have a question…

Let’s say you have half a of a face, is there anyway that you can duplicate it and flip it so it is on the other side of the face? Thanx

  1. leave editmode

  2. Press Alt-D, then S, then X.

  3. You have two copies of a half face, both using the same mesh datablock. Because they share this datablock, what you do on one half will be mirrored on the other.

*Note: When you finally join the two halves, remember to join the dark half to the light half and not the other way around.

Or, in edit mode, select all vertices with A, and then press Shift-D, then S, then X (if you are in front view, you may need to press y or z if you are in a different view) and follow it with enter. Do all of this without moving the mouse and it will be an exact flip without the normals being messed up.

Oh, and before I forget, select the vertices in the exact middle of the flip with B and press the remove doubles button.

Ooh, I didn’t know that it could be done in editmode…

But I usually want the mirrored modelling thing. :wink: