"Flirting with death" game project, more members needed!

Need backpacks, smaller packs, some amo attachments, a knife, and, um, other stuff like that :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, I’m going to be straight up with this (I hope you’re not offended… but I’m critiquing it…)

The first screenshot was uggglllaayy! There’s a few things you can do (I’m not scared…) If It’s a horror game is must be scary, haha. Do you even play horror games? The (boards?) on the windows are waaay to symmetrical.
The biggest part of horror games (and movies) is randomness, if everything’s symmetrical it’s very predictable (and horror games/movies must be veery unpredictable) Sorta like, why is there a bloody handprint on my television? Omg, why’s there a hand behind it?

It doesn’t look bad, but doesn’t look good.

Keep on working on it (the lights need an overhaul)

again, I’m not trying to be mean, but I’m giving friendly advice. If you get offended and can’t take critiques, then stop working on it ASAP, you’ll never make a great game without being able to take criticism.


K I can do a knife.

here is the knife:)


knife.blend (137 KB)

Oh don’t worry, when i said “finished” i mean’t i have the basic landscape made, i still need to add stuff like dynamic objects that you can interact with, i WILL be adding windows and doors behind the boarded up windows/doors, and blood splatters will be added as we go along (they’ll be added in coordination to where the enemies are place)

@Jesusfreak: we’re not using that SWAT character.
@Arbiter: well i’m glad to see your eager to help, but don’t get ahead of yourself, i’d really like you to be working on some of the tricky logic brick scenes.
@Killer: What would blender be if it didn’t have an honest community to give honest criticism? :slight_smile: This type of crit will only make things better, so don’t hold back!