Fliuds again


1 inflow pouring in to glass
2. after x amount of frames the glass knocks over fluid spills out

problem the bake time has increase to over 8 hours for a single frame

If I do not rotate the glass object the fluid sim performs fast with in 20 seconds for each frame but if I key frame the glass to rotate on it’s side after fluid is in glass the fluid sim takes too long to render 1 frame

I let the sim bake over night but after 7 hours the sim never baked the second frame …7 frig’n hours

if I do not rotate the glass the sim bakes really fast it completes in in just over an hour

Test resolution is 100

any idea as to why it take eons to bake 1 frame at res: 100 when rotating an object yet bakes quickly when no key frame is applied

I suppose the stock answer to such a question is: Where is your blend file ?

I’m still waiting for a .blend file so I can answer your previous question. Slow down and address one problem before you move on to create new ones.

I’ve already mentione d this in other threads I will not be sending blender files as the project is commercial purposes

consider this thread closed

try just having the thing of liquid falling over from frame one. see if that bakes faster. once you have the bake you can create the render of the liquid going in and join the two renders in editing. its a movie. Fake everything.

This is a pretty simple thing to do, but it sounds like you don’t have the skills to do it. Maybe you are in over your head. Instead of starting new threads and thumbing your nose at help you should learn the rudiments of modeling and fluid Sims.

Creating a test file to demonstrate the problem should be trivial. You don’t need to violate whatever commercial agreement you’re under just to get help understanding a concept. And anyway, if you don’t understand the basics of fluid simulations, you had no business taking a commercial job that requires them in the first place.