FLOAT - A game lighter than air

A preview of the game I’m making for the final project of my MSc in Design & Digital Media. I used Blender’s Game Engine and Osculator in order to make it playable with the Wii remote. The game is not finished yet but will hopefully be complete in a couple of months. I used GLSL materials for realistic lighting and real time shadows.

Youtube Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8B-wsKWAzCA


Looks very original and fun.
Shouldn’t the balloon pop when it gets hit by a lot of falling objects though?

Ahh, very good. I’ve seen a few games like this “floating” around the internets, but one made with blender would be very nice, and the fact that it was made with use of a Wii remote makes it even more interesting.

Great start. For some reason your music at the beginning and the animation reminds me of the 7th guest. Don’t ask me why. :smiley:

Very very nice game. It’s absolutely brilliant–the way the balloon pushes the pothole cover. I think you could use a few normal maps to add detail to some objects (like that pothole cover). I would also like to see some slime on the walls. But it looks fantastic.


loosk great. but i agree with YourNameHere, it needs extra small details like slime on the walls and stuff. :slight_smile:

Thank u everybody! I really appreciate your comments and opinion. Its true, the game still needs some graphic details like the pothole covers, a bit of texture on the walls and slime would be a nice idea also!
The popping of the ballon is a bit crappy. Its a combination of an ipo, movement and force field. I wanted to replace the ballon, which is currently a rigid body, with a soft body so that it seems flat but i’ll have collision problems (balloon has many faces) and the logic will be even more complicated… Any ideas on that?


wow it looks amazing the concept is really cool and you really made it work really well
haha i agree with every one else some normal maps would help for adding more detail haha,
for your prboblem with the soft bodie and the flat balloon you could cut one of the half of the balloon and like that you can reduce the face count by half and maybe the soft bodies would work with out droping the frame rate haha im not sure if that would help :wink:

i also readed on the vid description it’s controlled by a wii mote? haha really cool idea for controls :wink:

I don’t think a soft body would work well with the filled balloon, because while real life balloons have a bit of squishyness to them, it’s nothing significant. IMO, making it a soft body would be too much work with not much payoff. However, when it pops, you could have it end itself then add some little rubber scraps that are soft bodies, then possibly start from a previous checkpoint.

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I really like your idea What Name? Somehow, quite simple but didn’t cross my mind. I’ll get to work soon!
I’m new in the blender community and I really find this share of ideas and knowledge something fascinating! Glad to be part of it.
Back to another challenge now. Making the outro, and while you climb up to the sky I want the background to change from night to day. I guess a slow light and texture animation would do the trick. Anybody done something similar before?

Thanks everybody!
Cheers, Ph.

Are you planning on having a pre-rendered outro, or have it in real-time?
You could easily animate the energy of a sun lamp for the overall brightness. (I’ve done this before, but I was using GLSL…)