Floating Calvary

This is the basis for a project to recreate the scene of the crucifixion on a floating chunk of earth. Spent most of the time on this one getting the rock to look good. Going to move on to the crucifixion stuff next.


i like this, it is a good start, however, there are some things that make it somewhat bland.
mostly the lighting and the procedural look i think.
try making the sun stronger and a bit yelow tinted, and add some blue color to the environment light or backlight or whatever it is you are using.
maybe the dirt thingy could use some roots or rocks, and maybe the grass could use some other plants and variation in height.
i dunno really, whatever you do though, this is a great start, im looking forward to see how it turns out.

Here is the next update. I worked to make the rocks more visible and also less bumpy. I wanted them to look clumpy. That may not make sense. Still need to work on the top part. Not real happy with the grass yet. It’ll come.


Looks good. Though you could add variation to the rock if you wanted. Adding strata layers would give more variation. Using color ramps, stencil mapping and alpha maps could add more interest. Just an idea.

I had no idea the stencil option even existed! This I will definitely play around with more. And thanks for the excellent visual aid.