Floating City

This is just a project I’m working on. Kind of a futuristic floating city, helped by not too well explained anti-gravity rings(?). The last image is a texturing idea I’m playing with. I feel like the sense of scale is an issue, but I’m sure that will be helped by the addition of windows and trees and such. I’m not too worried about topology, but any feedback or design ideas is helpful.

You are right about scale it looks way off. The basic set up looks nice, but it also looks like its in a canyon thats a few kolomiters wide, if not more.

Yeah, I’m not sure what I want to convey here, which may be the problem. Do I want the canyon to be otherworldly huge, or do I want the city to take fill the space more. I’m thinking that filling out the city area and then working on the canyon may be the best route. I’ll hopefully have some changes this afternoon.

Here’s what i think you should do: increase the diameter of the base of the city to reach about half way the span of the canyon. This way you can add more buildings to give it more of a city feel. Also, try not to make the buildings and layout so symmectrical. Cities are random, with random size buildings and spacing. Some will be really tall, some short. Mix it up a little. I think it would look cool in the center of the canyon, with multiple roads leading to it.(optional)

Also, what i think would give some proportion is if you added maybe some cars or planes around the city. These would be really small from this perspective and make the city seem that much bigger.

An update. I’ve taken the advice given and tried to mix it up a bit. There’s only about 8 or 9 building types so there is some repetition, though I’ve tried to mix up the scales and rotations to add variety. As I create new building types, I’ll replace the some of the current ones. I think the scale is becoming better.

The proportion is alot better (i think), though you could add some more

Yep, more is coming. I’m moving currently so this is a break from moving for me. I kind of went back to my Sim City days. I used the grease pencil to grid out the streets and have been filling in the spaces. I’ve got to come up with some more building designs, even though Sim City only had about 10. I do appreciate the feedback. Thanks.

It does look nicer and does need some more buildings, deffinatly, and maybe a park or 2 to give it a city feel., but I think to give it more of a floating city feel you should change that hard walk way into a rope bridge that is dangling a bit to make it look like nothing is sapporting it from the cliff side.

you should change that hard walk way into a rope bridge that is dangling a bit to make it look like nothing is sapporting it from the cliff side.

I think you are thinking more of a magical floating city instead of a futuristic floating city. The futuristic city would have advanced roadways leading to it, a magical one wouldn’t be very technologically advanced.

Another round of building additions. I think I’m about done with adding buildings. There is around 20 building types, so less repetition than before. My thinking also is that a few major entities are responsible for the design and building of the city, so similar building styles all over. I think next up is mapping out the streets, probably in Gimp and street building.

As for the bridge, I’m thinking a suspension type bridge, though it will be more for keeping vehicles from falling into the canyon, than holding anything up.

Just a small update. I’ve started putting windows on some buildings, giving a little life to the city. Also, the “Beltway”, raised road around the city has been added. Probably need a warehouse district of some sort under the raised area. Any feedback is appreciated.



Weird, my pictures not showing up. I’ll have to figure out what’s wrong and repost it.

Let’s see if this works.

Here’s the latest. Let me know what you think.