Floating City

Well, I think it’s as finished as it’s going to get. If you want to see the basic start to finish, there’s a WIP thread, otherwise all comments are welcome. Be on the lookout for the huts/fires on the plateau. Huts were created in Blender, added in Gimp. Fires are all Gimp.

By the way, I checked a preview of this post and the thumbnail isn’t appearing. I’ve noticed it on a bunch of other threads as well. Any ideas why that is?


Nice concept, some minor tweaks may make it somewhat better.

Firstly the camera angle can be different, I went through your WIP and found out you tried some angles, but still there can be better option. You can go somewhat closer to city, Since the city is your main attraction you can give more attention to it.

Secondly you can try a high resolution render that will give your city it’s details.

I really like the fire in the mountain tops. You could add some rocks/trees on top of the cliffs too.

Thanks for the tips. I’ll probably give a few different camera angles a try. This may be a question I already know the answer to, but how do I go about the High Res render? Rendering is not my strong suit, so I try and go with what looks halfway decent.