Floating Cloth Simulation

Hello everyone,
Please is there any step-by-step tutorial I can use to create the flow of this cloth in blender? I have tried using the curve, cloth sim and turbulence but I am not getting this amount of folding in the cloth.

This is going to be very difficult to replicate with physics - cloth physics are essentially useless for ultra-precise, artistic depictions of cloth like this. If you can take a piece of cloth in the real world and arrange it to look like this, you can do it with cloth physics. Since you can’t- nothing personal, it’s just not possible unless you stiffen the cloth and sculpt it- you’ll have to follow the same approach virtually. Try using the Cloth brush to sculpt a plane with the basic shape modeled already

Well… no step by step for what you especailly want …but if you can imagine how for example a free floating sphere would affect some cloth… and you are willing to work out a lot how to animate this and then do cloth sims on that with different settings and sizes of cloth… or so to speak build up you own knowledge about what you want to accomplish…

…then maybe somethign like this could help:

and/or this…

Maybe like J said:

this may be a first approach to swirl some cloth with a stick and make a photo… so you can have some ideas about the motion → anmation needed… and then comes the endless hours of testing… :wink:

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