Floating effect not going so well

1. I am constructing a scene for a research project at my university. Basically free floating cubes inside a hollowed cylinder. But more than that I am trying to get them to swirl like something is stirring them, just a random stir effect.

All I have been able to come up with so far is giving each block a Simple motion actuator and controlling the entire bunch with my designated keys (up, down, left, right). But they don’t always look random and start to bunch usually.

2. Continuing my last question… I have a “plate” centered in the cylinder (static) with small “pads” the height and width of the cubes that I’d like certain colored blocks to attach to similar colored pads.

I am using the Edit Object>>Dynamics>>Suspend Dynamics actuator but it will “stick” at all kinds of angles or positions and not flush like im going for.

3. My attempts at actually creating a cup of water, pouring in small cubes, then have them swirl in the cup as stirred has all but become an impossibly mind numbing task that i have given up on…

Thanks you guys for any time you put into answering! love the site :yes:


This was a simple video I posted for my professor to show him a bit of what i was doing so far. I am a 3Ds MAX guy so I’ve had to start from ground zero almost with this.

(disregard the music…just plopped it in to keep it from utter silence)