Floating geometry on Blender?

Hi, I’m looking to do floating geometry on a hi poly mesh for a game model. It is very interesting in normal mapping…

I see this video ( minute 5:50 to 8:20): http://cg.tutsplus.com/tutorials/3d-art/next-gen-weapon-creation-day-1-the-high-poly-model/

This guy using 3DMax, but he can integrate floating geometry directly in the model!! ¿it is possible to do withs Blender, there are some modifier for this?

ah no no, the geometry never becomes a part of the main geometry, hence “floating”.

the thing about it is that it sits so close to the main surface that when you bake the normalmap, it will look as if it was a part of the mesh.

it simplifies putting small details on extreme surfaces, and speeds up your work quite alot.

leave it floating there, it’ll work :slight_smile:


ah no no, the geometry never becomes a part of the main geometry, hence “floating”.

Thanks !! Maybe some day it will be possible. The community is strong! :wink:

It’s perfectly possible today.

In the Bake context there’s a button “Selected to Active”. Check out the manual for a description.

The thing in the video seems to be that the geometry that’s floating is going inward and not outwards as in Eldrons example, he says 07:55 mins into the video that he uses some function called attach in 3DS Max, and it seems to give great results with the attached mesh (that goes inwards) fits the surface under it perfectly, looks like a really neat feature when you want to add some detail to a high poly mesh.

I don’t think that this is possible to do in Blender, in the bake menu however you can change the values of Dist and Bias, this will probably mess things up if you have a more complex model, I just tried it on a cube and it worked nicely. Another thing would be if Blender had support for cages http://wiki.polycount.net/Normal_Map#head-458f4a62e8d54bf19a10b47a167e5eca8765a1f8 but it doesn’t, correct me if I’m wrong though.