Floating Iceberg

(scottmcc) #1

I’ve been working on an iceberg for a bit. I think it needs more fine details. What do you guys think?

(alf0) #2

nice work
i like it and the sea alot
i just have one thing to say !!!
it dosent feel like if its coming out of the water, more like if its just above the water surface !!
i dont know, but its amazing !!!

(RickyBlender) #3

looking nice
can you show nodes set up for the ice

I guess shape could be anything
and from far away it looks ok
size must be huge compare to waves

might add some dirt or small rocks around
but depends what you aim for

happy cl

(scottmcc) #4

Your totally right! It is just sitting on top. The ocean is a photo that I plan to replace. It will be nice once it’s integrated with a cg ocean. Thanks for the comment.

(alf0) #5

u2 my friend :slight_smile:

(scottmcc) #6

good suggestion! I’m going to research how to add those things. Thanks

(timgrindall) #7

Looking very nice! One thing I would mention is as water is partially transparent it would make sense to model the part of the iceberg that’s below the water. Other than that, looking very nice. Your material is awesome!


The iceberg shape needs a bit more work. Looking at many references, They have either sharp, jagged edges, or smooth, eroded shapes carved in by the water. Your iceberg is really a chunk of ice, with nothing interesting in particular.


It is also not blue enough. Take a look at this picture, it is blue, even though it is overcast like your render:

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I also agree with @timgrindall that there is a lack of water transparency.

(scottmcc) #9

Awesome thanks!!

(scottmcc) #10

Finally I found some time to work on this. I revamped my whole image and added cg ocean.

(timgrindall) #11

Looks moody