Floating in the Blue

Hi all!

Another Weekend Speed Project! This time I decided to pick an old 2D artwork that I did back in 2014, titled “Floating in the blue”.

Since I drew it, I always had in mind the idea to translate it in 3d. Last week I finally i got up from the couch and opened Blender 2.8 to sculpt it!

It took a whole afternoon to complete.

Here is the full timelapse:

In the evening, I showed it to my girlfriend and she adviced me to give the original hair design a try… so the next morning I re-sculpted the hair from scratch!

I think she was right, the original hair design looked better to me as well!

What do you think?

Here is the original 2d concept:


Boobs :ok_hand:Fantastic

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It’s got a very moebius look!!!

Amazing sculpting and amazing timelapse!! Impressive confidence and knowledge of anatomy.

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