Floating Islands

I have not posted any work for a while. Currently working on a new piece of work for the Blender guru competition. This is a development into the work experimenting with the floating island idea. This concept has been inspired by the works of Roger Dean my favourite artist. This was also a little test for Blender Guru’s grass essentials.

Sunday - (Finished)

Tuesday (I can’t stop myself)

Hey there! These are looking nice! The grass is very good! The background is a little dull though… I would add like a sky background or something.

Thanks Bonrw1. Yes I wanted the focus purely on the floating islands on this one. Most of my work is of smaller silver and gold pieces so am not used to backdrops yet. Developing this concept eventually into a ‘full’ scene over the next month.

I really like it even without a background.
Looks super realistic but at the same time so absurd. :smiley:

Great job! I really like it. :slight_smile:

I tend to agree with others that this seems a little empty, perhaps it would look a lot nicer with larger islands in the background going well into the distance.

The materials and grass looks good though at least.

Well this is an awesome image, I can see why you chose this background and I love it, it gives a very peculiar atmosphere and real beauty to the composition as well as a nice color palette.
However, I can’t help notice that the island in the foreground looks a little blurry, maybe due to a small focus offset? Or simply a bad image compression… Would love a high quality image to compare :slight_smile: very nice work!

Thank for your comments. Added a bit more to the image before moving on to next idea.

Ok. I read though all your comments and couldn’t stop myself making changes before moving on. I posted new image (last one I promise) in first post.