Floating object in liquid sim

hi, im fairly new to mantaflow, i made a fluid sim with water falling into a box and now i want to make a rubber duck float inside, i searched for tutorials but didnt find much, i was thinking about making a particle and assigning the object as the rendering object :thinking: , does anyone have any ideas/soloutions? thanks

  1. make your fluid sim
  2. make a triangle roughly the size of your duck
  3. add a shrinkwrap modifier to the triangle:
  4. put your duck in the scene, centered on the triangle and lowered down enough to seem like it is floating in the water
  5. parent your duck to the triangle using the vertex (triangle) option.



float splash.blend (836.3 KB) - CC0 license


woahhh!! thank you very muuuch ~~~!

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oh i see that the fluid already started pre-filled. how i do that? i only know that water need to poured first :confused:

wow thanks alot :heart_eyes:

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you can make a cube as large as the domain (a bit shorter) and then set the fluid type to geometry

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eh? where ?

type: flow => flowtype : geometry

i found this, is this correct?

But, it keep flowing down … not still… :confused:
https://youtu.be/dRCvO0RcaE0 here’s the video

Make sure the water flow object is as large or larger than the domain. since yours is a little narrower, it simulates like a giant column of water collapsing. If you position your flow object like this, it should start stable: