Floating object on displaced mesh

Is it possible to Float an object on a displaced mesh? How can you parent an object to a moving displaced mesh? I am using the ocean build and want to float an object on the moving ocean. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

Not completely sure what you mean. Maybe vertex parenting will help. Select your floating object first, then shift select the ocean to make it the active object. With both objects selected, tab into edit mode for the active object, the ocean. Deselect all vertices, and then shift select exactly 1 or 3 vertices that you want your floating object to follow. Hit CTRL-P to make these the vertex parents of that object.

The mesh is displaced and moving by a modifier not actually moving. Done with textures. When I do what you say it will not move. How can I make it follow the displacement of the mesh? Is it possible?

i am also in search of this… is it possible to make floating objects in blender… and also trying to learn how can we make a wake in water…replies will be helpful

hi donweldon, displacing the mesh by a displacement modifier (or even a wave modifier, or another modifier like that) is actually moving vertices, and the vertex parent method that another_noob suggested is the way to have another object move with the displacements. make sure you’re parenting the object to vertices on the displaced mesh, and not parenting to the object itself.