floating orb

Sort of a quick thing but i was hoping for some crits to turn it into a full project. Thanks in advance.
1st pic low res
2nd pic high res 1280x1024 (small update)


I really like it’s Futuristic look. Only crit would be that the base needs some texture and possibly a darker colour(?).

This orb would look really incredibly in some sort of futuristic sci-fi scene (city maybe) with deep colours like purple.

I also like the whole sci fi look…but it seems a little unfinished. Try adding something loke a glowing light in the middle and some backgrounds with colored lights
This could be a cool desktop

Thanks again, im working on adding some more to it including a sci fi wall and a glow.

Well heres how it looks, took ages to render though :eek: . C&C welcome obviosly.

Well I’m pretty new to this whole 3d art thing but my thoughts:

The glow is perfect, the way its bright but not too bright and seems to fit within the confines of the “arm” shapes.
The arm shapes themselves seem a bit too organic for the scene - maybe that’s what you’re looking for, but they don’t seem to fit exactly.

The base’s texture is better but these designs on it seem a bit odd and uncoordinated, if they are meant to be designs I might arrange them differently. Lastly, you can see that the base isn’t a perfect circle (not sure if this is intentional).

I’m not too crazy about the camera angle…