[Floating Windows] The missing feature of blender 2.8 ✅ RELEASE

Haha, just being cheap!
Good to see its still a-go.

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@UnCommonGrafx now fixed on gumroad

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Any news about this?

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I would love to see that as well. I’m trying to either use that panel or find a way to replicate the one from 3DS Max to quickly/easily get all meshes/objects in the scene and select things more quickly.


@BD3D will this add-on allow for cross window color picking?
Why I ask is, I use two monitors, the second usually has my graph editor when animating, or the material editor displayed.
In native Blender when I use the color picker from the second monitor and pick across to the first, or vice versa, the color will always be black.

If “Floating Windows” can be on a separate monitor and color pick across screens, that would be awesome.


When will you be updating the add on for 2.83 mate?

Nope… my bad I had a key map conflict. It works

Is there anyway I can skip the first pie and just go staright to the second pie menu with a hotkey. Just saves clickes thats all. –

did you try creating a custom shortcut that directly lead to the operation you want ?

Even the simple “New Window” function and “New Main Window” gives you MORE windows, they just can’t overlap. But they can both BE there, especially in a multiple monitor installation.

the whole concept of floating windows is overlapping.
some people didn’t get that unfortunately :sweat_smile:

Meh. Not a deal breaker for me. That I can launch an entirely new SYNCED set of windows is good (“Window/New Window”), for my side monitor, AND an entirely separate instance of Blender (“Window/New Main Window”) if for some reason I need to work on different *.blend files at the same time (I guess that might happen), I’m pretty much covered.

In Adobe products I spend some time nudging floating windows out of the way, so I’m not missing them. And believe me, I’d be scorching the interwebs if I were, since I’m not a general fan of the Blender UI. This particular gap doesn’t affect me. YMMV.

I don’t know how to add the hot key for the ‘floaters pop-up’ button only. I am only able to set a hot key for the main menu, then I have to click the button on the left to get the pie I showed in the second image. Just simple want to map a key to the “floaters pop up” button. This way when I hit the key it calls up only the pie menu in the second image, skipping the first.

You can add shortcuts in blender to anything

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I have mapped keys before, many, but I didn’t know where that command was located :wink:

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I didn’t know where that command was located

i didn’t either, here’s the tips:

while enabling the python tooltips
Annotation 2020-04-04 005006

you will have the reference to any operators you can hover on :slight_smile:

Annotation 2020-04-04 005019

quite handy once you know it.
the only thing a bit tricky is that you will need to remove bpy.ops. and the () at the end

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Brilliant. I have it working now too so thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve bought and I’m testing right now.
Sometimes, the “Hide All Floaters” operator also minimizes the main blender window. Has anything similar happened to anyone?

Don’t think I saw that. But, i do have it where, if you popout a window, like 3D View as a floater, and save the session. Then close blender/repoen, it won’t remember that as a floater. So you have to manually control it then, or re-do it.