[Floating Windows] The missing feature of blender 2.8 ✅ RELEASE

I know, someone already enlight this. Unfortunately i cannot solve this because of an api bug that need to be resolved by the devs.

It’s harmless tho.

There’s also an option on Windows to put every windows of the same program in the same window taskbar tab.

You mean Combine taskbar buttons.
My point is that instead of name Blender, it’s the name of the window (Outliner, Properties ect…)

Yes it is in my to do list

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I use BoxCutter addon a lot. When i use it with Float windows on every time when i change any BC parametr in F6 window i have crashes like this:

Address : 0x00007FF6DF2A3C20
Module : C:\Blender2.80\blender.exe

When i disable FloatWindow addon is working perfectly

Hello pinhead

I’m sorry you experience some issues, could you show me a screenshot of the set up you use ? and how to reproduce the bug ? I also use BoxCutter i’ll try by myself. :slight_smile:

I send you video with the error. What setup you mean? Blender or pc?

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thanks i’ll check in an hour when i’m back.

In the meanwhile, Are you satisfied with the addon ? Everything work okay for you as expected ?

Could you please consider all of us that are color blind? How about an option for Light Blue and Light yellow…far better for us.

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Apart from these errors, it is great

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Yes I can do that easily.

But did you know that you can use the pin/unpin ICON instead of the red/green color ?

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Thankyou, and no I did not remember that…will try and see if it works better for me!

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thanks, if you don’t like it let me know