Floating Windows

Free or Paid It doesnt matter to me. Please bring it to life if you can. Its one of the best addons I use and it speeds up my workflow drastically.

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Yes i’ll try my best, it’s an important task on my to do list :wink:


Thanks BD3D! I agree, having the floating windows addon act as a spawner of windows would still be very useful (ex: hotkey to open floating UV editor on second monitor).

We’ll, one of the main goal of the plug-in was to access an editor quickly in a floating state then close the window when you’re done

The goal was to have an ephemerous window

IMO it’s a much more convenient workflow than always changing the layout or changing the areas division constantly, that can be quite annoying

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Floating windows rework will come soon

I can tell you it will be nice with new exciting features

and i find a fix for the issue too!

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So strange I came on here to messege you if there was an update or beta test and my notifictaion, my only notification was this post haha.

Not yet but when i have something i can threw you the prototype via mp or anyone else interested

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Thank you.



Hmm… looks interesting.

If it works with octane then cool. Hows the floating update
windows going?

What you saw is a chromakeyed floating window
i also added transparency option
next step is trying to customize the window handle perhaps

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