Flooded carpark - Short film

The original lighting scheme was better because you can’t see the texture blurriness as much, rendering it more realistically. This is very nearly photorealistic. Wow. You blender artists never cease to amaze me.

(click for really big)

I resorted back to the old colour and lighting scheme, as recommended by avemagnadude and Krayon.

As well as:

  • Re-arranging some of the painted lines
  • Adding some Spec stratches to the floor
  • Fiddled with the node compositor to get it looking more like a real camera
  • Changed the glow effect on the lights to “Simple Star” using the Glare node to simulate real camera glare.

Green is Good!, IMHO the scratches on the floor look to big to bi scratches.

The texture on the floor is killing it. Way too spec, and the spec is too hard. Also the texture size of the floor is too big like hitechboy said.

Add some AO- where the pillars touch the floor sticks out like a sore thumb.

Your lens node makes it look like a cheap digital camera pretty effectively, but perhaps a bit more OSA would sharpen some of the vertical edges that don’t seem to be quite in synch with the camera effect.

Overall this looks pretty neat but I am in the “that green is too much” camp.

wow :eek: amazing !! i can’t wait to see it gone on very cool
i like the lights … but like j0llyr0ger said … the texture is a bit to “hard” i looks a bit like dirty metal to me

Thanks for the tips j0llyr0ger, Blackcat and hitechboy722. :cool:
I’ve got a few questions, if you don’t mind…

Were you meaning the colour map, or the spec map? I’ll assume you meant the spec map, but yes I agree with you. It does look out of place now that I think about it. I’ll fix it up.

I am already using AO, so I’m not sure what else I can do about that. Any tips?

Could you please specify which colour scheme you think fits? (previous page) Or did you just mean that the green is too thick? If so I’ll turn it down. :wink:

Which texture? The pillars or the ground?

Too true. I’ll definately be fixing this :slight_smile:

It’s refreshing to get another persons opinion on this. So I appreciate you all taking the time to critique this. :smiley:

the ground … because its “reflections” maybe the energie of the light is too high?

The last picture looks less realistic then your previous ones…it’s hard to put a finger on what exactly makes it different (apart from the extra large scratches)

I like the green best, but perhaps your last one has too much.

I added some pretty heavy AO, so that could be it.

I’ll try toning that down (along with the hardcore green tinge).

I love your renders. It is tad to green though. Just a little bit.
Also, spec is a little to strong. And the last thing is the scratched on the floor are too big.
Once you fix that, this one will be a winner!

Here are the changes:

  • Turned down the floor spec
  • Made the scratches 3x smaller
  • Turned the “green” down
  • Fixed a mistake in the compositor that made everything look dark
  • More effective DOF
  • Added the car and finally got it looking right

…and this is the result:


9mins 22seconds to render :eek: Using FSA 8 (full sample instead of OSA)
That sure is going to be fun to render with the torrents of water rushing behind it… :no:

Anyway, what do you think of the changes?

Nice rendering. :slight_smile:
I think the raytrace on the car paint is way to much. The “Ray Mirror” should have more “fresnel” effect.

How do you achive FSA 8? Do you have rendered the image 8 times the size and scaled it down?

Yep; the car is too reflective. The shadow from the mirror is way too sharp… it looks like it’s from a point source and not the fluorescent bars in the car park. The lit spots on the floor look like they’re a bit to the left of the fluorescent lights. I love the gunk and tire scrubs on the floor.

Hi again,
I didn’t get a chance to change the reflection of the car before rendering this, but here’s an updated fly-through of the carpark environment:

I also fooled around with the fluidsim and got something resembling a mini flood:
Here’s the animation:

The fluid is really cool looking.

Thanks zanz :cool:

well, congrats, looking good :slight_smile: very good!

except 2 things that bothered me:

1.: fly-through-cam looks weird. Nearly like fish-lense-effect. Everything gets warped by it. Dunno if that can be done better or if you would have to increase size of everything to
get rid of that!

2.: Well, it is a test, so I guess you will use a higher water-res for the final? And materials. But the flooding itself looked fine, maybe turn up the domain-size a bit (not the size of the box but the size on what length i.e. the domain simulates :slight_smile:

Other than that: GREAT WORK!!!

The cause for that is the “Lens Distortion” compositing node (see the OP for a screenshot). The Distortion is set to 0.5 which as you said is obviously too high, because it looks like a fish eye lens. I’ve tried to change it to something lower, but blender isn’t refreshing for some reason. I think I’ll just delete the node and add it again.
Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

The fluid sim animation won’t be used in the final shot at all. It was more of a play around session, experimenting with materials and settings. The resolution will be turned up, and the real world size will be turned to the maximum (10.00). Is that what you meant?

Well, that sure is gonna take an awful lot of time, seeing as even the smallest amount of fluids take so long to bake…

yes, I meant the real world size.

It has been some weeks (even month now) that I was not able to use blender
due to a bug (that was not fixed with the recent 2.47-update :frowning: )