Flooded Factory


Here’s my newest Projekt.
I need Ideas for some Details, thought you guys could help me out :wink:
I already modeled a few ropes, pipes ( in the Water, not really visible ), an exit-thingy, Crates and so on. Thought of some ivy or other plants hanging down from the ceiling.
Maybe some old stuff like barrels and trash floating in the water. Any Ideas?


Looking good!

One thing comes to mind immediately though. The water. If it’s a flooded factory, that water is way too turbulent.

Ya smooth it out, it would give a cooler effect as well. Maybe subdivide the water a few times and then do it with a low fractal and then flatten it some.

Here’s some ideas for stuff to add: broken pipes, bits of torn paper, maybe a gear? maybe one of those gas containers you’d have with an acetylene torche, or other metal plating like things, just thoughts. Ivy hanging is a good idea :slight_smile: Good luck! Looking sweet so far love the lighting man

Nice project!
Some proposals:

  • Plastic ropes tied to the railings reaching upwards (looking like kelp).
  • Flocks of tools (partly made of plastic) swimming around (looking like fishes).
  • Broken mirror (revealing various parts of the room).

/ Mats

It all depends on if this is fresh water or salt water. Each type would have its own little details to point out that fact. Like salt water you may see more rusting or little reef type animals starting to appear. From my first glance I assumed it was a ship that had sunk. If that is the case I would add some seaweed growing up from the bottom.

If this is a fresh water flood maybe, you would perhaps see green algae on most of the surfaces. I had a fish tank and if i didn’t clean it every week It would be algae city. I really think the Salt water approach would be smarter. Mainly because there are more things you could model to make it appear as such. With fresh water your options are limited to textures to create most of the effects. Google sunken ships and see what I mean. :smiley:

The water is way too clean. The lighting effects are cool though.
You’ve got to think of what they were making there and assume that the flood would have made a huge soup of it. Even if it wasn’t that, if it was a river that overflowed it’s banks, the water would be brown with churned up sediment and soil. You need some more debris in the water as well.

Wow, that is sick :slight_smile:

The lighting is really cool. How do you aquire the beam effects??