Floor constraint?


Can anybody tell from this screenshot why my floor constraint is not working? You can probably tell by the colors what’s going on, the shin is IK constrained to the back-pointing gray bone and the green bone has a floor constraint targeted at the blue plane. The gray IK bone is not connected to anything. The rest position for everything is above the plane. Let’s see… anything else? Well, the global z axis is up and down relative to the floor.

I don’t see what the problem is.



The Floor Constraint should be applied to the IK Target Bone as it is this bone that dictates the movement of the chain. Whilst it is true that tthe foot bone can be constrained by the Floor, the foot, in your setup, can’t tell the IK chain what to do - and IK solutions over-rule the floor constraint I susepct.

Hmmmm… How about now?

(The bone that appears green here also has a floor constraint on it, but I’ve deleted that with no effect. I have also reordered the IK and floor constraints on the end bone of the chain with no effect)

The floor constraint has to go on the back-pointing grey bone as that controls the IK chain (The IK target, not the solver).

Sure enough… I remembered that differently. Thank you.