Floor Constraint


I have scoured the internet and cannot find any tutorials on how to ANIMATE with the floor constraint. I have found some on how to apply it, its settings and so forth, but none of them actually show how to properly set keyframes on a mesh for an animated walk sequence.

So I know how to apply the floor constraint to the object, and select just the faces being affected, and all that jazz. What I am struggling with is how to animate a character with the floor constraint on the objects? The character I am animating does not have bones, or does not have IK chains, because the character is mechanical and does not require bones. So the foot mesh is the object with the constraint.

It’s hard to be specific, even if I attached some images. But really I’m just looking for tutorials or substantial advice on what is the proper way to animate a character using the floor constraint.

Thank you.

No bones? Then what does it have? Animate with a floor constraint? any way you wish, You just cant go into the floor. To much mystery here. No tuts on mystery characters with no bones…I do not think.