Floor Txture wont bake

Blend File: http://www.pasteall.org/blend/39658

Ive baked in blender a thousand times, so I have no idea why this texture won’t bake properly, The texture continues to bake black no matter what I do. Can you get it to bake?

The floor is isolated press / to get the full scene.

what version of blender are you using?
In 2.76b it bakes fine…

Im using 2.76, it doesn’t say b, is there a newer one? did the file bake fine for you?

yes, it baked just fine. I opened your file, just reduced the samples to bake it quicker, hit bake and done.

it may be a problem of your version of blender…you can download the new version in the blender website.

Ok thanks I am doing this now, Also I forgot to mention that it did bake fine 2 times but I had to restart blender and it started baking black again, I’ll give it a shot and post back in a few minutes.


Turns out there was a problem with it being a packed file. I turn off packing and used the original file location and it worked