floor / wall generator

I found this script for generate floor and wall, very nice! :yes:
this is my first sample:

and here is the link for download the script:
Good job and sorry for my bad english! :stuck_out_tongue:


I have not visited that sight before.

Hi nukkio,
Have you seen the wall & tiles script?
This script has some features that co-relate to your script well.
wall & tiles is somewhat depreciated, I have hosted it for some time.
My suggestion would be to join these two scripts together.
Both scripts have quality’s & code that would compliment each other.
Joined together these two scripts would be quite a powerful tool.

This is a good example of two scripts that alone are good,
but together could be great.

on suggestion

on the blender CD’s there are many floor patterns image and procedural i think

so could theses be included with the pattern images in this script

i mean i could probably do it manullay but would be better to already be included
and not have to do it again!


Hi! happy new year! :smiley:
all good suggestion, but… i am not a developer :o
this script “… create floors or walls avoiding the repetition, sometimes annoying, of the texture.” and create many materials with random textures from a folder; the wall & tiles script use vertex color.
Is useful for a scene with a parquet, and allow six laying of the wood stripes.
The stripes are single object, grouped (and in my project is animation of the floor…:))

(and… sorry for my english…)

Does anybody know if there are updates for 2.62 (I didn’t find any) ?

Kind regards