Floorgenerator for Blender

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Is there a plugin for blender like the Floorgenerator and MulitTexture Map for Max ?
See here:http://www.cg-source.com/floorgenerator.php

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blender has a wall generator that could be used for the same thing I think. It’s one of the preinstalled scripts I think.

Do you mean the brick-texture ? Or does create geometry ?

it creates geometry. But it’s not with stock blender (check my wife’s install w/o anything extra installed), it’s an extra script. I forget where I got it from though! :frowning: Was [art of a package of scripts though, I know that.

look in the “misc” category on

or the

here is one


hope it helps

there are tiles plugin but you need to add some texture to it
check the library for mat texture in blender org

but you could also do the same with array modfier!


Thanks, I will check it out :slight_smile:

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I’m just back from testing the Floor/ wallgenerator script for blender.

The script seem to useless for very flexible and high quality floorgenerating. The script for max is mutch better and flexible and for free as well :slight_smile:

Maybe the developper of the max script could translate into a python script :slight_smile:

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which one are you talking about !


I’m talking about der Blender script from this site:

well this script allow to make the floor but you still need to ahve a good wood texture

so this you can find in the blender CD for instance
there lost’s of high rest picture for wood
but certain you can also find some good wood at the blender mat repository

the choice is there i think

good luck