Flooring (tatami mat)


I created a tatami mat last night, the rendering of it is here http://img144.imageshack.us/img144/6918/tatamicf6.jpg

The problem is, I needed it to go in my scene (i’ve created a Japanese styled-room) and Blender is unable to render it. Why? Because the mat flooring file is too big (i think). Alone, the mat in that picture is a 30mb blend file. I created it by doing a curve, duplicating it, placing it a short distance from the other and making it a solid shape, then using the array modifier for the weaving. The actual tatami flooring http://www.columbia.edu/itc/ealac/V3613/shoin/tjl13i25.jpg has much more tightly packed weaving, so to make it look like it, I needed to array quite a lot with very little spacing http://img57.imageshack.us/img57/2512/tatami2ce6.jpg

I can put 4 or so in my room and Blender IS able to render it, however I need about 10 and when I try render, Blender crashes. (With the tatami mats I need, the filesize is around 400mb).

Obviously I arrayed too many, however I can’t see any other way of doing it. Is there any way I can export that file as something, import it and magically it has reduce hugely in file size? Or will I have to create a mat again from scratch? However I can’t see any other way of doing it. (by the way, a normal plane with textures don’t cut it).

Thanks for any help

I think that a plane with a bump texture should be enough (http://www.pairal.net/xp.php?s=3d)

you can use this blend file,but this is not real one.

or if you want more complex one,you can use array modifier. if you lose controll it, make one mesh object to one tatami mat, and use “Duplicate Linked”

  1. Use array modifiers
  2. push "apply"button
  3. and “Duplicate Linked” or push Alt-D key

Hey Enj,
So I have a suggestion for you, have you heard of dupli groups?
they will be perfect in this situation,
what you do is, select or object, and go into the object buttons panel (F7) and in the links and objects panel click on the “Add to Group” button this should create a new group. now give the group a meaningful name,
now you have a dupli group.
hit the space bar and instead of addin a mesh or light or armature, choose to add a "group, and in the pop down window choose the group you just created.
This should add another object to your scene with all the materials and textures, and none of the vertices,
so blender will have no problem rendering it, I hope.
Good luck