Flora add-on now available on Blender market | Largest Flower library for blender

Hey Guys :blush: :blush:,
We have released another exciting add-on -


Simple and Intuitive UI

Flora add-on has a very easy-to-understand and responsive User interface that helps you quickly preview assets add them into the scene.



Fast loading previews

Faster loading thumbnails, quickly let you view all of the assets.

Add asset at Center/Cursor

Choose between if the asset is to be spawned at the world origin or at the 3d cursor.

Snap to ground

Snap the assets directly to the ground within a single click.


Randomize the orientation of assets in a single click.

Check updates

Check for updates in the preferences in a single click with all the new features available in the new version!

Scatter system

Flora add-on comes with Geometry Nodes based scatter system which is derived from Nisarga add-on

The scatter system is rich with a lot of exciting features liked Viewport density control, scattering randomization, paint scatter systems, Masks - altitude mask, slope mask, and wind animation system, Lock scatter systems for safety. and more of the features will be added to the scatter system as geometry nodes evolve.

To see more info about the scattering system Visit Nisarga’s page - Click here.


It is available on Gumroad -

Also available on Davoxel - https://davoxel.com/product/flora-add-on

Now also available on Blender market -

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Added commercial tag.

Flora add-on is now also available on the blender market -

and it is on sale for 25% OFF.