Floral Design Experiments

Experimenting with the ancient edge to edge method quad modeling…Sculpting just can’t handle the time tolerance for retopo…And those crazy bevel is a nightmare. Took 3 hours to complete. No Sculpting, only edge to edge method applied. I think this is the best method for quad ready to go model. Retopology takes years to finish for these situations. I will post more as it’s a WIP.

Nice work. Waiting for the WIP images.

OK, but don’t get rampant. Looks really good

Hey! Thanks folks…I did another ornamental recently:

Looks good, Don’t know how you do it xD

It looks good indeed, I’d never have the patience to start something like this…
It should be in the WIP section though, and not finished projects.

Thanks folks! Sorry for up in finished thread…I will up them in WIP next time. Thanks for pointing it out @asmoth