Florence Night Render 0.1

My little utility for night rendering and shutdown the pc is available (win nt/2k/xp):

You can use it for background rendering too, just set the shutdowntime to 0, this disables shutdown.

For shutdown please download the free PSShutdown and copy it to the same directory where Florence is located:

How it works:

  • extract all file (from florence and psshutdown) to a folder
  • Start florence.exe
  • browse for the blender.exe and your blend file
  • set the shutdown time (should be longer as the rendering took)
  • set the frame you like to render
  • save your settings
  • press render and go to bed

On next morning your PC shoulf be off and after boot a rendered image should be located in your temporary path.

I could do this with a batch file in my sleep, no program required

blender -b -f myfile.blend -a
shutdown -s

however, the shutdown command may only be in windows xp

and this way can be somewhat better, it will wait for the rendering to complete by default

[personally I don’t mind leaving my computer on overnight]

And that’s the problem, shutdown is not available on WinNT or 2K.

This is the first version and i will enhance it with supporting animation, sending a email, specify render location. And if possible shutdown after finish.

May i know a barch can do that but not anybody lke the commandine way and checking all the options.

E-mail notification would be extra cool (with option to sending images, too).

I rarely turn off the computers. They run for days on end.

(Of course, they run Linux, so they can actually stay up for more than one day… :wink: )

on any version of windows [dunno about pre-95] it is just as possible to call rundll.exe with the call to shutdown, however this is even more poorly documented [… or not, a quick google search appeared to have lots of answers]

you are correct however about people not wanting to deal with the command line options.

haha, so true! nice program.