Flow Motion

Hi All, I have a baked fluid simulation and I want to render a Matrix-like flow motion video. I was wondering if its possible to make things slow motion with already baked things. I know there’s a speed button in fluid bake area, but I didnt use it , well i didnt know at that time, and now I dont want to lost my baking result, so I just want to continue with what I have, but render it in slow motion basically, thanks :confused:

it won’t work unless you do the whole bake over again, because when blender records a fluid sim, it makes 1 xml file containing a mesh, for every frame. there is no way to interpolate between these files.

ok, I will do the baking again, but “changing the speed settings ( key framing speeed) in baking window” is the only option, to get the scene slow down and then pause for a while, whilst camera rolling around the scene?

I think it is possible to slow down with the same amount of frames. but is will look weird since slower movement needs more frames.